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How to Boost Your Bottom Line 50%+ with One Simple Trick


Dr. Laurel Geise is a powerhouse. Not only did spend 30 years as an executive for some of the biggest companies in the world, she also has a completely different side to her—she is a celebrated meditation instructor and mindfulness expert, having spent 20+ honing her craft. She even studied under Deepak Chopra.

In her free time.

This, though, has always been Dr. Laurel’s passion and she worked hard at refining her skills to craft an unbelievably unique journey that merged her two seemingly dichotomous worlds into one. She taught weekend retreats on mindfulness and an emerging leadership strategy. She leveraged her meditation practice to help lower her company’s healthcare costs while increasing productivity, by inspiring countless of colleagues to take a more active role in their well-being—what company wouldn’t want that? She is, in short, impressive.

Despite these areas of focus being incredibly different, mindfulness and the bottom line have never been mutually exclusive in Dr. Laurel’s mind. Thanks to her work the two buckets are now equally synonymous in the minds of massive global corporations, including Google, Aetna and more. Dr. Laurel has built success on her terms, turning her calling and skill set into something that, now, she shares with companies from coast to coast. And everyone’s better for it.

You can, and need to be...more mindful

So, for starters, how can you put these practices into play in your life and work? Start with mindfulness, the foundation to Dr. Laurel’s revolutionary work.

The concept of mindfulness is simple—and, even, putting it into practice in your life and your work can be. Take a breath and focus on living:

Sound confusing? Think of it this way: have you ever arrived home from work and have no recollection of how you got there? That's mindlessness. That’s not how you want to be. You want to be purposeful and in the moment every moment, even while completing mundane tasks like commuting.

And this kind of mindlessness is a serious problem. We are in a mindless state 40% of the time. Really. If you took this to heart and aimed to be just 10% or 20% more aware, how much more productive could you be? How much better could your relationships be, simply by listening and being present with the people in your life?

Taking it to the next level

But back to Dr. Laurel and her business. With this powerhouse message and proven results, it seemed like a slam dunk to bring her message to the masses. It would, no doubt, resonate to audiences of event and webinar attendees as it had in her work life to date—or so she thought. Dr. Laurel knew what she was offering was life-changing, but the conversions weren’t coming. She dug in, she rejiggered her methods and she refined her message, but nothing was helping her overcome this paralyzing hurdle.

Enter Dave and Dustin. After a meeting at the Speaking Empire offices, Dr. Laurel went back to the drawing boards, focusing on her presentation blueprint and overarching call to action.

And she converted 50% of attendees at her next webinar. Fifty percent. She couldn’t believe it. So what did she do? She doubled down and signed up as a paid speaker for an HR conference months down the road.

Then she got the call. The conference organizers were impressed with her profile and, when a speaker dropped out of a program they had coming up next week, they immediately reached out to Dr. Laurel. Could she step in as an invited speaker? Despite her fear, she agreed and gave her now-refreshed presentation, including her compelling approach to mindfulness, that emphasized how it, truly, is the best leadership strategy in our increasingly mindless world.

Eighty-eight attendees—all high powered executives from influential companies -- filled the room for Dr. Laurel’s remarks. She took the stage and presented, leveraging the tips, tricks and tools Speaking Empire had laid out for her. And when it was over 28 of the executives in attendance approached her, business cards in hand, asking her to bring mindfulness to their companies. That’s a staggering 31% conversion rate. “It was a non-selling environment but it came full circle,” explains Dr. Laurel, “and I saw it as an example that I was a great teacher, but am now am also a great inspirer.”

And if that weren’t enough, Dr. Laurel continued to book speaking engagements month after month, at high profile events and programs around the country. One door kept leading to another, pulling her further and further toward the life she wanted to live—a life of passion, independence and financial freedom. “Sometimes it is scary to follow your calling,” she muses, “but once you start it all falls into place and opportunities you can't even imagine will present themselves.”

But Dr. Laurel isn’t an anomaly. With the right blueprint to success and an added layer of mindfulness you, too, can raise the bar on your performance, your business and your sales. Get in touch with Dr. Laurel today and see how, by focusing your attention on the here and now you can drive unparalleled success now and in the future. All it takes is a free strategy session with Dr. Laurel and a desire to create a life you want to live.

Want to take it even further? If you want to start realizing the massive conversion rates and seven-figure presentations like Dr. Laurel, let us know. We’re here to help guide your journey from that all-important here and now to the ultimate future—a future filled with happiness, success and wealth in every sense of the word.

Dr. Laurel Geise is leading a soul-guided leadership movement, and founder and CEO of the Geise Group, which offers leadership training and mindfulness programs for executives and influencers. Learn more about Dr. Laurel and her work including exclusive white papers and case studies at And, especially for our Speaking Empire family, Dr. Laurel graciously provided her personal phone number (727-501-6675) in case you have any questions about her journey as well as her experiences with Speaking Empire—she, simply, wants to pay it forward.


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