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The 5 Step Blueprint to YOUR Seven-Figure Presentation

You are about to deliver your best presentation ever.

You are about to deliver your best presentation ever. Not just once either, but over and over again. If you’re a pro speaker with dozens of engagements under your belt, or a totally introverted newcomer, you are going to knock every single presentation you make out of the park. And, when you do, you’re going to reap unbelievable benefits—think seven-figure presentations.

But that’s just the beginning.

Let me back up. Being a truly great presenter, a force to be reckoned with on stage—comes down to building a process. Success loves sequence.

I have followed the same presentation blueprint over and over again, across more than 500 presentations stretching 3,000+ unique engagements. The end result? A billion dollars in sales...and counting.

No matter who I’m presenting to or what I’m speaking about, I always strive for the same outcome. I want people to not just walk or even run to the back of the room to buy, I want to see them DANCE from their seats straight to the product displays ready to take the next step with me. It’s about subconscious communication, it’s about body language, it’s about what I say and what I don’t say. It’s the whole package—a package that comes with a powerhouse blueprint anyone can follow for any presentation any time.

Because, at the end of the day, speaking is the most important skill you can have in business. Speaking can overcome any challenge. Speaking is your key to working smarter not harder. To getting to seven figures fast. One of my clients achieved that goal in six months. Speaking, speaking, speaking—if you take one thing away from this post, it should be that successful speaking engagement will catapult your business into the stratosphere. You will engage more people. You will drive positive word of mouth, and you will drive sales that are unparalleled to virtually any other platform, system or promotional approach. Speaking is just that powerful.

Your blueprint for speaking success
So what is this all-powerful, all-encompassing and truly simple blueprint to ensure you knock every presentation out of the park? Here it is. I incorporate these five key components into every single presentation I write or give. They’re easy to nail, and unbelievably powerful on their own, but together, they’ll get the job done and take your business to new heights.

1. Introduction

First impressions are essential as a speaker.


Because people buy in the first 60 seconds of your presentation.

That’s right—often, during my workshops, the sale happens even before I take the stage. If you’re introduced and make those first few seconds count, you’ll experience the same phenomenon. Once an event host introduced me and I immediately launched into a video that hit on some really powerful points. When I finally took the stage I experienced something incredible -- the audience gave me a standing ovation even before I started to speak. It was surreal.

Your intro should have five components:

Here’s a killer introduction strategy -- a ninja strategy, I often call it.

Done right, you can close double the sales at your next speaking engagement. Here’s how it works:

That’s it. Simple, right? This transition of power approach will ensure an unbelievable intro and, with it, almost guarantees a slam dunk presentation to follow.

2. Story

Stories tell, facts sell. If your audience doesn’t like and trust you, they won’t buy.

A story is a very covert, very effective way to sell, engineered so, at the end, participants will hands down want what you have to sell. Your story needs to connect and it needs to anchor down your product. Personal anecdotes are great. Case studies are great. Personal testimonials and videos are great ways to achieve this. But whatever you integrate to tell your story, always bring it back to one simple fact: your system works.

3. Offer

All too often people wait until the end of their presentations let the audience know about the opportunity at hand. That doesn’t work. Maybe you think it’s a powerful build -- you’re getting them excited, pulling them deeper into the story and then, when they’re practically salivating, you’re telling them the offer.

You need to be transparent. This is the time to build trust, not to bait and switch your audience. The more honesty you come to the podium with, the better off you are. Introduce your offer early on and you’ll actually be able to pitch less. Instead, the offer will become more a part of your message and better showcase how you can solve their problems. Target the problem, turn up the pain and offer a solution. The old adage is a little aggressive, but true -- until you make them cry, they’re not going to buy. Target a problem. Offer a solution. And do it right off the bat.

4. Body

The body of your presentation should be strong, but shouldn’t overreach. By breaking it into these five sections, you’ll likely avoid those trappings. Build value and give people a simple, step-by-step walkthrough they can follow along with and really see themselves putting into action in their own personal or professional lives. They’ll connect the dots from there.

Another ninja strategy: during any presentation people will have objections. It’s only natural. When someone is speaking there are two potential outcomes: the audience can agree or they can disagree. So how to overcome those challenges without seeming defensive or losing your footing? With social proof. People want to know other people had success with your system. They want to see the proof -- but not your proof. Someone else’s. When you write a deck, be sure you have seven success stories littered throughout. These will immediately begin to chip away at participants’ objections without you ever having to utter a word in response.

5. Close

Your close -- the most important part of any presentation. You want to close with value and purpose. Enough said. If you’ve kicked off with a powerhouse introduction -- remember my standing ovation! -- and followed up with a compelling story, amazing offer, strong social proof paired with a simple, step-by-step system and, in the end, driven it all home, you will succeed. It’s that simple.

And it WORKS. It works every single time. This blueprint has been used by countless speakers who I’ve personally trained and coached -- and it’s worked for me, across more than 3,000 speaking engagements. Don’t question it. Just do it.

I’m here to help. Check in and sign up for a complimentary consultation and we can talk through any or all of the elements that are tripping you. Tell me about your upcoming presentations and let’s see how, together, we can make them your most successful ever. Let’s get you on the track to million-dollar presentations. Let’s get you following this rock-solid blueprint.

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