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Create Your Product To Sell From Stage Or On Webinars


Amplify Your Message With The Box Creation Workshop

We created the box workshop because so many folks came to the Speaking Empire workshops and have learned about irresistible offers but they didn’t have a physical representation of it….


We see too many people being a free consultant and not putting a value on their knowledge.

In 2008, Speaking Empire launched a product that generated 14 million dollars in sales.

You sit down with us for 3 days and we pull out of you your specialized knowledge and we package that up for you into a beautiful box that represents YOU and your brand.

If you have an idea or have been procrastinating on getting your box done, we’d like to invite you to the box workshop. We know how, as business owners, we can be running around not doing the things we should be doing...

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have something you’ll be proud of to share with the rest of the world and really launch you on your path.

You're going to be able to INCREASE your cash flow.

You're going to be able to STOP selling your time.

You going to be able to get your brand out, change the world and make your mark.

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